Fábrica dos Condomínios – Condominiums management

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  • Clarification of doubts about the administration of the common parts
  • Biweekly inspection of condominium facilities
  • Zeal for compliance with the safety and inspection rules for the gas pipes legally required in the common parts
  • Verification of deadlines and request for inspection of elevators by the competent authority and fire extinguishers
  • Maintenance and repair of the lighting system of the common parts
  • Verification of security systems, namely locks on all common doors
  • Regular monitoring of the building, to verify and prevent anomalies and deficiencies in the functioning of common goods and equipment, in order to avoid the degradation of the same and ensure the valuation of the common heritage
  • Propose conservation or maintenance actions that are necessary and appropriate
  • Market consultation process for preparation of specifications and budget proposals
  • Request for mandatory inspections of building equipment (elevators, gas pipes, etc.)
  • Inspection of the services provided in the building (cleaning, surveillance, etc.)
Financial and accounting
  • Elaboration of the annual budget
  • Presentation of the necessary budgets to carry out the operations and other acts necessary for the conservation of the commons
  • Management of the common reserve fund in accordance with the legislation in force
  • Elaboration of the map with calculation of the values ​​of the contribution to be paid for each fraction, according to the approved budget
  • Issuance of payment requests, collection of joint owners’ contributions and issuance of respective discharge receipts
  • Opening of bank accounts, to order and saving condominium
  • Ensure payment of building expenses
  • Request for identification card of entity equivalent to legal person
  • Preparation of convening notices for Ordinary and Extraordinary General Shareholders’ Meetings
  • Coordinate the General Assemblies of Owners, draw up and send the respective minutes
  • To execute the deliberations of the Assembly of the Condominium
  • Represent the condominium in legal proceedings, before administrative authorities and other
  • Verification of the existence of compulsory insurance
  • Accountability to the Joint Owners’ Assembly
  • Elaboration of proposal of condominium regulation
Reception of the building
  • Reception and organization of building documentation
  • Archive of all documentation submitted regarding the building
  • Report on the current state / situation of the condominium
Hiring of services
  • Request for water and electricity meters in the name of the condominium
  • Conclusion of the contracts with the companies, or persons, service providers to the condominium
  • Inspection and control of contracted services


Contacts Fábrica dos Condomínios

  • From monday to friday: 9:00 to 18:00, (lunch time between 13 to 14:30)
  • Phone: +351 262 837 840 “Call to the national fixed network”
  • Email: condominios@grupofabrica.com

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