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Who we are

Company that operates in the insurance mediation area funded in 2012 by the Grupo Fábrica with the goal of expanding its provided services and the following of its clients in diffrent areas, achieving this way in a single space quick and efficient answers to its clients.

Insurance mediation company registred in Autoridade de Supervisão de Seguros e Fundos de Pensões (ASF), we have a large experience in the insurance industry with the goal to meet the needs of its clients and ensure high standards of quality in all the steps from the contract presentation to its conclusion.

After study and analysis of the service market, we found that safety and quality are the principal factors.

We know that the majority of the portuguese with insurances apolicies search for the cheapest unware of theirs dutys and rights.

Since in this activity the knowledge of the laws and the terms imposed by the insurance companys in their policies are the most important thing, we garanty the transparency has his required by law, advising what kind of policies or company will you benefit the most.

Our services differs from the usual, because we resolve your claims with speed and efficiency, procedemos a alterações de qualquer natureza, we will answer any doubts that you may have with your current insurance contracts, offer the best conditions and prices.

Quality policy

  • Supply all the necessities of our clients and ensure total satisfaction.
  • We value the dedication: information and negotiation with the clients.

Our goal is the garanty of safety and credibility, this factors are decisive for our success, devloping our work with clear goals, representing the best operators of the market.

This way, we value the best standards of qulity in all the steps in insurance mediation..

We are a company that believe in the value of personal contactl.




Contacts Fonte de Prudência

  • From monday to friday: 9:00 às 18:00, (lunch time between 13 to 14:30)
  • Phone: +351 262 837 840 “Call to the national fixed network”
  • Email:

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